Translation Services

Manpower Language Solution’s translation services are your key to international business success. As the leading provider of language and content solutions in Israel for nearly three decades, we are able to provide you with the most professional, high-quality, and accurate translation services.

Translation Services

Manpower Language Solution’s translation services are your key to international business success. As the leading provider of language and content solutions in Israel for nearly three decades, we are able to provide you with the most professional, high-quality, and accurate translation services.

Professionalism in 160 Languages Worldwide

We are able to provide legal, financial, medical, marketing, technical and more translation services , at the highest level, from any language to any language, at any level of complexity or scope, and individually tailored to the client’s needs. In recent years, geographical boundaries are no longer a limitation. The processes of globalization, which do not miss any sector of the economy, allow any organization to enter new markets and reach a target audience from all over the

Everyone Can? No. When It Comes To Professional Materials

Quality professional translation requires knowledge of the target language as a mother tongue; full and in-depth understanding of the source language; Knowledge of the culture, customs, slang and daily life in the destination country; as well as an in-depth and comprehensive acquaintance with the professional field in which the translated document deals, and with the professional criteria accepted in the destination country.

The wide database of translators we have allows us to assign at any time, for each translation task, the most suitable translator, who speaks the target language as his mother tongue, lives in the target country and specializes in the relevant professional field.

Every translation process we carry out is custom built to the client’s needs and undergoes strict quality control according to his requirements. The quality of the translated products that come out of our hands is considered a byword in the translation industry, and we are committed to the highest professional standard with each and every client.

שירותי תרגום

Our expertise in language translation, the experience and connections we have gained with building our database of translators and our ability to find a suitable translator for any task, in any field or language, allow us to also provide placement and outsourcing services in full compliance with the client’s needs. We are able to locate the most suitable translators to fill any position, in any required format – permanent, temporary or with a variable scope of work, hourly, global or according to outputs, on the client’s site or remotely, etc.

Our translation services include:

Throughout almost three decades of activity, we have accumulated significant knowledge and experience in all types of translation, in all professional fields and in all challenges that may arise along the way. The skill we have developed, along with our strong financial backing and the efficient work processes we have formanies from all business and public sectors, including thsignificant knowledge and experience in all types of trans, public authori

Our unique work process

Characterization of customer needs

The first and most necessary condition for creating a successful translation is a thorough understanding and characterization of the client’s needs. With the start of a new translation project, a project manager will be appointed who will serve as the sole contact with the client, and will be entrusted with the allocation and management of the resources required for the completion of the project. In the first meeting with the client, the important characteristics for the success of the process will be defined: the scope of the project, the scope of action in which it will be carried out, the client’s linguistic and stylistic preferences, and more. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we can also identify needs that the client may not be aware of, bring them up to him and provide him with appropriate recommendations. In addition, we will try to get to know the company/organization themselves in depth and not just the specific project, in order to understand how we can help in their business development.

שירותי תרגום - אפיון צרכי הלקוח
שירותי תרגום- גיבוש תוכנית לניהול הפרויקט

Forming a project management plan

After an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of all the client’s needs has been established, the project manager will appoint a Language Lead – a senior linguistic editor who will be responsible for the linguistic aspects of the translation and for ensuring the quality of the products. At this stage, an initial mapping of the source materials will be carried out, a significant step that allows for the construction of an efficient work process and includes the definition of the schedules, the budget framework and the types of formats required for the submission of the final translation, as well as the selection of the translation and management tools. A successful mapping of the materials will ensure compliance with the budget definitions, times, etc., and receiving quality final products, at the highest professional standard.

Choosing the right team for the project

From our array of translators, editors, technical and graphic staff members, the project manager will carefully select the appropriate professionals, in order to create a dedicated team that will meet the client’s requirements and the needs of the project in an optimal way. The translators selected for each task will be residents of the target country, native speakers of the target language, experienced in translation, and have education and training in the field and subject of the source materials. It is important to note that the recruitment procedures for our translators include strict selection stages, personal interviews and professional tests, in which their professional, linguistic and linguistic abilities are tested. We are well prepared to bridge the geographical gaps with the translators, the various hours of operation and the cultural gaps, and are experienced in managing all the suppliers and resources we use.

שירותי תרגום- בחירת הצוות המדויק עבור הפרויקט
שירותי תרגום- מתחילים לעבוד

starting to work


Throughout the project, we adhere to work processes at the highest quality level. The entire process is supervised by the senior linguistic editor, the engineering department team and of course the project manager, who also maintains regular contact with the client throughout the process. In order to ensure maximum efficiency and quality and minimum costs, we use the best and most advanced software and translation tools, including: Passolo, memQ, Idiom, Trados Studio, Alchemy Catalyst and more.

Quality Assurance

We manage strict quality control processes that encompass all aspects of the project: linguistic, lip, functional and graphic. The quality control processes include internal control alongside control with the customer’s cooperation, and are adapted to his requirements. As part of them, we will examine every detail of the emerging/finished product and make sure that the reader/user will be able to benefit from an accurate, clear and completely faithful translation to the original.

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The translators who join our pool of translators go through a selection process of several different stages, which includes personal interviews and professional tests. We make sure to choose only translators who are native speakers, experienced and have a relevant professional education. Even after their employment, we manage feedback on their work on an ongoing basis, both from the clients and the project managers, in order to ensure that every translator who works with us has the highest linguistic, verbal and professional abilities

in any format you want. Our technical department includes a set of engineers who know how to handle any format, any type of file, without any need for special adjustment on the part of the customer. Already at the quote stage we have the technical ability to identify your source files and retrieve the necessary content. Whether it’s Indesign, HTML, XML and others – we know how to export the content for translation from any source format, as well as return the translated content back to the source format or any other format of the customer’s choice, including the graphic design, so that the customer receives a finished and designed product, ready for printing.

Definitely. Our set of translators includes over 1,400 native-speaking translators in 160 languages, who come from a diverse professional background. Through them and through the resources and experience at our disposal, we have the ability to accept and successfully carry out any translation task at any time, at any scope, at any level of complexity and from any language to any language, including urgent work.

Translation is the exact transfer of content in a certain language to content in another language, while maintaining complete fidelity to the original. This is especially critical in the fields of legal, medical, financial, technical translation, etc., where precise professional terminology and wording that are not ambiguous must be used. To this end, we only use native-speaking translators who live in the target countries, who have a complete command of the target language and local culture, and who have relevant professional training for the content they are translating. Transcreation, on the other hand, is a creative translation that is based on the original content and transfers it to the target language while taking a certain creative freedom, according to the definitions that we specify with the client. The use of transcreation is accepted mainly in the field of marketing translation.

Our excellent human capital, the sophisticated work processes, the quality control systems, the technological tools and all the other resources we use in order to provide you with the highest quality products – are at your disposal at any time and for any need. We will be happy to add you to our thousands of satisfied customers, to provide you with the highest level of service and to come with you anywhere in the world, from any language to any language.

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