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Processes of professionalization and business expansion, to which every company or organization aspires, require the use of various content services – writing marketing content as part of marketing efforts, tagging texts/images for the benefit of analysis and improvement of the service process, and more.

content Services

Processes of professionalization and business expansion, to which every company or organization aspires, require the use of various content services – writing marketing content as part of marketing efforts, tagging texts/images for the benefit of analysis and improvement of the service process, and more.

Professionalism in 160 Languages Worldwide

In our content services department, you will receive a full answer to all your content needs, starting with transcription services and ending with the production of videos at the highest level. We have a wide and diverse pool of experts in the field of language and content – reporters, editors, translators, transcribers, technical and graphic teams, and more, which allow us to match our clients with the most accurate language and content solutions for them at any time, at any scope or level of complexity, and in any language.

Our content services include:

For nearly three decades we have been considered the leading provider of language and content solutions in Israel and accompany thousands of satisfied customers from Israel and the world on their professional path. Our content services are an integral part of the optimization, marketing, service and growth processes of our customers, and we are proud to take part in the success of entities, organizations and companies from the public, commercial and business sectors. Among our clients: government offices and public authorities, the legal and enforcement system, the public and private medical system, high-tech and industrial companies, communication and media bodies, international streaming companies and more.

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Our work processes have become a household name in the industry, as have the high-quality products obtained at the end. We manage every step of our work process while striving for uncompromising quality and maintaining the highest level of professionalism, which is reflected in the satisfaction of thousands of customers from all over the world. We are certified to the strictest international quality standards, and perform QA and quality control processes in each task, according to the customer’s needs.


Our human capital, which is the source of our success, consists of a wide pool of translators that includes over 1,400 language experts, native speakers of 160 different languages ​​spread around the world and come from diverse professional backgrounds, and hundreds of editors, writers, translators, transcribers, technical and graphic teams and managers Projects – all of them are professionals from the best in their field. In addition, we have top-notch technological resources at our service, including advanced translation tools and management systems that allow us to refine, optimize and make every work process more accurate.

תרגום לאנגלית- ניסיון של כמעט שלושה עשורים


We are known as the leading company in Israel in the field of language and content for nearly three decades. The knowledge, experience, reputation and financial solidity we have accumulated during our years of activity allow us to provide a solution to every demand and need of our customers, to prepare in advance for every challenge and to complete every task successfully.

תרגום אתרים- בגלל הזמינות


The capabilities we have developed and the resources at our disposal allow us to provide our customers with full availability to perform any task, in any language, scope and level of complexity, in any field and for any purpose, including urgent tasks, while we commit to On Time Delivery.

תרגום לרוסית -פתרון One Stop Shop

One Stop Shop solution

We provide our customers with a comprehensive response to all content and language needs, from text labeling and transcription tasks to the production of elaborate videos. Each task, no matter how complex, is managed by a single project manager who oversees the work of our various professional departments, manages our collaborations with other professional experts from Israel and the world, and is in constant contact with the client.

תרגום לומדות- התאמה מלאה של הלומדה למדינת היעד

employment and placement

Our experience and skill, together with the global presence we have developed and the expertise we have gained in the field of recruitment, allow us to provide our clients with recruitment, outsourcing, employment and placement solutions in all areas of content and language, in any employment model and anywhere in the world.

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We have been operating for close to three decades, during which time we established our position as the leading provider of language and content solutions in Israel. This gives us rich experience, a deep understanding of the field, the ability to adapt a solution to every customer’s need, and to successfully face every challenge. In addition to our comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the field, we are able to work with any client in any business model, including the lending of experts in its various forms, all over the world, and we are knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects related to working in these models.
for sure. We comply with all the strictest international and local standards, including the GDPR standard for maintaining privacy and data security. All employees who go through our absorption process sign confidentiality and information security forms and we undertake to maintain complete discretion.
A traditional transcription of a meeting, discussion or interview includes an accurate recording of every word that was said, exactly as it was said, including confusions, linguistic mistakes, stuttering and the like. For customers who are interested in this, we offer transcription editing services, which we perform in accordance with the customer’s requirement, starting from “cleaning” the text of confusion, mistakes and stuttering to a more comprehensive editing that includes summarizing the text to main matters, decisions that are made or topics relevant to the customer.
In fact, these are two types of videos for professional purposes. video documentation can be an animated video or a video used by actors, it is usually intended for training or explanation purposes to a target audience of end users or technical experts, and conveys marketing or technological information in a visual form. The information can be conveyed through graphics or animation, text spoken by the actors participating in the video or subtitles of various types on the video. Infographics, on the other hand, is a more niche type of video, which involves breaking down graphic drawings into elements, combined with text. It is usually intended for more technical needs, such as visual breakdown of user manuals, details of installation processes, assimilation, assembly or use, performing troubleshooting processes and more…

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