Localization Services

Our language localization services cater to the diverse content needs of high-tech and technology companies. We specialize in translating software and applications, enabling businesses to reach a global audience by adapting their products to multiple languages.

localization services

Our language localization services cater to the diverse content needs of high-tech and technology companies. We specialize in translating software and applications, enabling businesses to reach a global audience by adapting their products to multiple languages.

Professionalism in 160 Languages Worldwide

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For over two decades, our company has been at the forefront of the translation, localization, and language solutions industry in Israel. We understand the immense responsibility that comes with delivering these services. Setting us apart from others, we possess the capability to manage and execute the entire localization process, ensuring a seamless transfer of the finished product to our clients.

Our unwavering commitment to the highest professional standards drives us to utilize cutting-edge technological tools and engage skilled and dedicated human resources for every project. Through years of operation, we have gained extensive knowledge and invaluable experience, enabling us to provide long-term solutions for complex localization processes in any language.

Our localization services include:

We specialize in offering comprehensive localization services to a wide range of industries. Our expertise extends to high-tech companies, e-commerce platforms, manufacturers of medical technology equipment, streaming services, communication firms, tourism agencies, social media platforms, and many others. Our team of professionals, including approximately 1,400 native speakers from around the world, fluently covers approximately 160 languages. In addition to our talented pool of translators, our localization process involves the collaboration of numerous experts. This includes editors and content specialists, linguistic experts, software engineers, technical teams, graphic designers, and more. Together, we ensure that every localization project receives the utmost attention and expertise at every stage.

Inside Our Localization Process:
Unveiling the Path to Global Accessibility

Our Full-Scale Localization Services are executed with meticulous precision by our skilled professional team, employing cutting-edge technological tools. We follow a structured and orderly process, while also allowing flexibility to cater to the unique needs of each client. Our aim is to tailor the exact process to their requirements and maintain a continuous professional dialogue throughout the entire journey:

Defining the scope

During the characterization phase, we conduct a comprehensive analysis of the client’s specific requirements, which may include software translation, application or website translation, and translation of related materials, among others. To ensure smooth project management, a dedicated project manager is assigned to oversee the entire process and provide continuous support to the client from start to finish. We prioritize effective communication and provide the client with a detailed explanation of the process, including expected timelines, while maintaining a commitment to timely delivery at every stage.

Building a Style Guide and Glossary

In close collaboration with our clients, we establish a comprehensive dictionary of key terms that are essential for accurate translation into the target language. These terms undergo a meticulous translation process and receive the client’s approval to ensure their accuracy and alignment with the intended meaning. Additionally, we develop a comprehensive Style Guide that outlines guidelines for addressing the user based on the client’s specific target audience, company characteristics, local culture, and required sensitivities. This ensures that the localized content resonates effectively with the intended audience and reflects the client’s unique brand identity.

Localization & Translation

To ensure the highest quality translation, we engage professional translators who are native speakers and possess extensive expertise in their respective languages. They are equipped with state-of-the-art translation tools, enabling them to deliver accurate and culturally sensitive translations. Whether the client provides us with their preferred file format or requires a conversion to a different format, we have the flexibility and technical capabilities to accommodate their needs. Our goal is to streamline the translation process and provide seamless integration with the client’s existing workflow.

QA and Quality Control


During the localization process, we implement various checkpoints to ensure the accuracy of the translation, with active involvement from the client. In the final stage, we conduct a comprehensive and meticulous QA process that encompasses technical, graphic, and linguistic aspects. To further enhance the quality, we collaborate with external experts who may assist the client’s development department. Our team of experts works closely with the client, meticulously reviewing each screen in both the source and target languages, ensuring precision, cultural alignment, and the preservation of the original meaning.

We leverage a range of advanced translation tools, including memQ, Trados Studio, Memsource, XTM, and others, tailored to the specific needs and languages required by our clients. These tools enable us to create a translation memory, enhancing the efficiency of our translators and ensuring consistency in both text and style, regardless of the translator team. This approach guarantees an effective response, even in the long term and future version updates, while maintaining the confidentiality of the software code.

Beyond translation, we offer localization of software and applications, including auxiliary materials like web pages, user manuals, documentation, and marketing materials. Our expertise extends to advanced content management systems, with continuous updates to meet customer needs. Our dedicated technical graphics team adapts texts for various devices (PCs, tablets, iPhones, Android, etc.), ensuring consistent pagination and graphic uniformity across all materials.

Take Your Business Global with Localization Services

Our Customers

Questions and Answers

Our localization process encompasses a comprehensive understanding of the client’s requirements, followed by the establishment of a structured workflow and timelines. Collaboratively, we develop a linguistic and stylistic glossary to ensure consistency. The actual translation work is performed by our skilled translators, leveraging state-of-the-art translation tools, and complemented by the involvement of our graphics and technical departments. We incorporate quality control measures at various stages and conduct a thorough QA process upon completion. For more details, please refer to the top of the page.

We carefully match translators to each localization task based on several key criteria. Our pool of translators consists of approximately 1,400 native-speaking experts proficient in 160 languages, with specialized training in various fields. When assigning translators, we prioritize selecting individuals who are native speakers of the target language, reside in the target country, and possess relevant professional experience. This approach ensures that our translators have a deep understanding of the language, up-to-date knowledge of contemporary slang, familiarity with local cultural contexts, and expertise in the specific professional terminology required for the task at hand.

You can simply provide us with the content in its original format, without the need to transfer text strings to Excel files or make any special adjustments. Our engineering department is experienced in handling various file types and can extract the strings intended for translation, incorporate them back after translation, and deliver the translated content to you in the original format. Whether it’s an application you developed, a document you created, or your company’s website, we take care of the entire localization process without modifying the code. At the end of the process, you will receive the finalized product in the same format as the source file.

Absolutely. We understand the importance of adapting to our clients’ unique workflows. With our extensive experience working with companies across various industries and sectors, we have developed the flexibility to tailor our standard localization process to align seamlessly with your organization’s workflow. Our aim is to ensure a smooth and efficient integration, allowing you to maintain your established processes while benefiting from our localization services.

Certainly. Our expertise and resources enable us to handle translation and localization tasks of any size and complexity. Whether it’s a small-scale project or a large-scale endeavor involving multiple languages, we have the capacity to deliver high-quality translations without compromising on efficiency.

In large-scale projects, such as multilingual application localization, we utilize language leads who create comprehensive glossaries to ensure consistency across all translations. We also leverage advanced translation tools that aid in maintaining text uniformity and facilitate thorough quality control and review processes.

For clients with smaller ongoing translation needs, we can tailor a workflow specifically designed to accommodate their requirements. We provide seamless integration with our project management systems, allowing for streamlined content transfer and continuous collaboration.

In all cases, our focus remains on delivering exceptional translations while meeting the specific demands of each project, regardless of its size or volume.

Simply provide us with the updated content, and there’s no need for you to specify the exact changes or mark their location. After completing a successful translation and localization process for your product, we have created a translation memory in our translation tool. When you require updates in the future, you can send us the revised version of your product, such as an application, user guide, or website. Our translation tools will scan the content, identify the modified sections, and only those parts will be re-translated and priced accordingly. Rest assured, you will receive the fully updated and finalized product without any hassle.

We possess a wide range of capabilities that enable us to craft a bespoke solution perfectly suited to each customer’s needs. Our goal is to deliver a meticulously crafted, high-quality, and fully functional end product. If you aspire to transcend the confines of the local market and maximize your product’s sales potential in different countries, the localization process is your key to success. We take pride in offering top-tier localization services that will elevate your brand and help you tap into diverse international markets. We are eager to support you in expanding your client base and reaching new horizons.

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