We provide a variety of services in the field of language and content to companies and organizations from all branches of industry and all sectors of the economy. Our high-quality human capital, the professional experts with whom we collaborate, our advanced technological capabilities and the efficient work processes we have developed allow us to provide each industry with its unique language and content solutions, in each language, while personalizing the needs of each client and working in a One Stop Shop format.

Pharma and medical

Localization services for the world of medical devices, accreditation processes, translation of medical and legal materials, production of tutorials and videos, translation of drug brochures, consent forms for clinical trials, trial protocols and more.

High-tech and digital

Software and application localization processes, translation and writing of marketing materials and content for websites such as user interfaces, help pages, transcreation, transcription services for machine training purposes and more.


Translation and writing of marketing materials, translation of financial reports and legal materials, simultaneous translation for conferences and board meetings, simultaneous translation for accompanying delegations, writing marketing content for websites and more.


Translation of e-commerce websites such as websites of airlines and hotels, writing marketing materials, transcreation, writing marketing content for websites, translation of legal and marketing materials and more.

Communication and television

Localization of websites, writing and translation of marketing materials, press releases, user manuals, etc., transcreation, writing and translation of synopses for movies and series, creation of subtitles, translation of legal materials and more.

automotive industry

Writing and translating technical and marketing materials such as automotive literature, training materials, instructions for technical teams, sales agents and/or the press, manuals for operating heavy equipment and more, including pagination and printing.

government sector

Sequential and simultaneous translation services for all government institutions, enforcement and immigration authorities and the judicial system, writing and translating marketing materials, manuals, press releases, writing marketing content for websites and more.


Translation of financial reports, issues, prospectuses, business plans, financial forecasts and assessments, insurance policies, announcements to the stock exchange, public issues, audit reports, feasibility studies and more.


Translation of articles, legal documents, judgments, affidavits and court hearings, transcription of recordings for legal purposes, notarial translation, interpreting services for the various legal courts, immediate translation for urgent legal proceedings and more.


Localization of applications, software and websites, transcription for machine training purposes, writing and translation of marketing materials, writing content for websites, transcreation and more.

Advertising and marketing

Writing and translating a variety of marketing materials - content for websites, brochures, press releases, newsletters, price offers, creating testimonials, tender presentations, video production, marketing articles, business presentations, transcreation and more.

Mobile and video

Mobile application localization services, video production, writing marketing content for websites, press releases, transcreation, translation of legal and financial materials and more

Retail and e-commerce

Localization of e-commerce sites, writing and translation of marketing materials such as user manuals and content for websites, transcreation, translation of financial and legal materials and more.

Education and publishing

Production of studies, localization of studies, digitization of written materials, writing and translation of marketing materials for websites, translation of textbooks and more.


Writing and translation of marketing materials, translation of legal and financial materials including financial reports and public offerings, production of tutorials and videos and more.

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