Our Team

We believe that human capital is an essential element in our success and our commitment to the success of our customers. Most of our team members, from the professional experts to the senior management, have come a long way with us, during which we have together become a household name in the industry. Thanks to our team, which consists of the best professionals in the field, we provide our customers with the level of service and the quality of the products that have made us the leading supplier in the field for almost three decades.

Shulamit Gilan


Karin Aloni

VP of Strategic Accounts

Inbal Amir Cohen

VP Operations

Gonen Cohen


Tali Mazor

Language and Quality

Shai Haviv

Localization & Translation

Hilla Yovel

Outsourcing, Placement and Content Solutions

Hadar Musael

Business Development

Yair Avishur


Tzvika Gordon

Engineering and Technology Innovation

Caroline Keinan

ERP Localization

Our human capital consists of a long line of language and content experts – editors, translators, writers, recorders, transcribers, technical and graphic teams, project managers and more. The professionalism and thoroughness of each and every one of them, along with the experience we have gained, the advanced technology we use and the strict quality control processes we implement, allow us to tailor the most precise work process to each customer’s measurements and deliver the highest quality products. All this in all languages, while maintaining a competitive price, full availability and compliance with schedules. We are proud to lead a pleasant and fruitful work environment and to serve as a professional home for many years for the best experts in the field, who provide our customers – along with first-rate knowledge and experience – the benefits of working together over time. In the meantime, we are constantly working to find and recruit new talents, in order to continue serving our customers in an optimal way.

We are looking for quality people with writing and translation skills

You are welcome to apply