Translation Studies

Translate Your Way to a Rewarding Career in the Digital Age

Want to work for Google, Facebook, Uber or any other hi-tech giant?

Now you can!  And you don’t even need a degree in technology –  or any other academic degree! The booming worlds of social networking and e-commerce are in constant need of quality translated content in hundreds of languages. Become a translator and work in one of today’s most sought-after, rewarding, and flexible professions in the digital world.


Combining professional knowledge in translation and an understanding of the digital business world is the way to go. And getting there is easy.

MGS and Ramat Gan College introduce a unique and innovative study program:

Translation and Content in the Digital Age

In just one year of two weekly sessions you will gain practical knowledge that meets modern labor market requirements and opens doors for employment in a wide variety of translation domains.

Taught by leading experts in the fields of translation and translation-related professions and mentored by faculty in administration and business, our program includes studies in:

  • translation techniques
  • specialization in the legal, medical, financial, marketing, and other translation domains
  • cutting-edge translation technologies
  • creating website content
  • transcreation and translation for globalization
Apply today and benefit from:
  • Smooth integration in the hi-tech industry: The employment opportunities for a translation professional are many and diverse: from full-time jobs in leading hi-tech companies, to part-time or home-based freelance work.
  • Our commitment to success and assistance in job hunting and hiring: Being locally active for 25 years, MGS provides translation services to leading global and domestic organizations. And as a member of the MANPOWER Israel and global MANPOWER groups, MGS is highly influential in the labor market and acts continuously to create job positions in a wide variety of translation domains.
  • Top academic and professional faculty: Established in 1990, Ramat Gan College is one of the leading colleges in Israel with highly experienced faculty members and administration professionals.
  • Academic atmosphere: Students enjoy a young and vibrant atmosphere in a pleasant campus environment including libraries, cafeterias, and free-parking areas.
  • Affordable tuition: Ramat Gan College is a non-profit organization offering attractive tuition rates.
  • Certified Diploma: Graduates will be granted a certified diploma.

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