Online Translation

MGSL Online Translation – Being Fast and Non-Expensive Doesn’t Compromise Quality

Recent years witnessed an immense advance as far as online translation services are concerned. The technological properties as well as the quality of these services have significantly approved, and one can currently place an order for online translation of documents with no need for phone or email communication – and do it 24/7, Saturdays and holidays included, without any dependency on a translator or a translation agency response.

Our online translation platform is extremely simple and user-friendly. You select the source and target languages, the translation domain (translation editing is optional too), then you load the file by one click and immediately – and clearly – see the cost (calculated by the number of words), as well as our commitment for a one-day translation. Payment is as simple, done within the very same screen via credit card, in a secured and encrypted platform.

Following one day at the most, you’ll find the translation in your email box.

Our online platform is hybrid: it combines advanced technology with human service – our translators. We enjoy the services of hundreds of professionals, mastering many areas and nearly 100 languages, thus ensuring full compliance with customer needs. The system sorts the uploaded materials according to the areas stated by the customer, and allocates them to the relevant translators only. No place for errors, no “rounding of corners”.

It is very important to clarify the difference between the online translation service we offer and the free-of-charge translation websites, providing real-time automatic translation. One is tempted to consider loading one’s text into Google Translate (or the like) site, and receive the translation for free. However, such so called “machine translation” ignores context, ignores double meanings, ignores the accuracy of professional terminology and is unable to create complex, syntactic-correct sentences. Such a translation can provide, at the most, a vague understanding of the text and more than often creates many-a-comical phrases. This result is definitely not a satisfactory outcome for anyone wishing their business to be seriously and respectfully regarded, and definitely not recommended for critical texts such as legal and medical documents.

You are therefore invited to explore how professionalism and technology perfectly combine – The best specialists offer you a user-friendly service with neither nuisance nor uncertainty on your side.

Take the leap to online translation