Language AI Services

Taking a sensible approach to making sense of data

Language AI is Becoming an Integral Part of Our Lives
AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in many fields, including language analysis. The application of AI technology to text analysis – be it written, spoken or visual text – produces insights that can then be used to promote streamlined and more productive business workflows.

But the efficacy of AI tools depends on the data used to inform the machine learning on which they are based.

Providing Advanced Language AI Services

At Manpower Language Solutions, we know how to take vast quantities of unstructured, raw data contained in text, voice, images and video, and turn it into smart, profitable AI data sets that enhance your client’s machine learning applications – for any size project, in any language, anywhere in the world.

By utilizing leading subject-matter language experts alongside the most advanced best practices and technological capabilities, we deliver comprehensive, GDPR-compliant managed services, taking full ownership of the entire project – from scope definition, through project management to QA and delivery. We also complement our offering with expert placement and employment services if required.

Our Services include:

Smart Transcription
Transcription for AI training requires adhering to strict guidelines and best-practices, transcribing the different pronunciations, mispronunciations and slang versions of a word or a phrase to its original, accurate meaning. Our expert subject-matter language professionals are versed in AI transcription and produce high-quality, consistent output to optimize your natural language speech recognition efforts.

Text Annotation
To ensure that your machine learning outputs are accurate, the unstructured data behind it must be correctly annotated, classified and tagged – carrying out content sentiment analysis and ontology learning. Using a combination of human annotation and automated natural language processing, we add value to your data by providing linguistic feature tagging to enhance speech and text analysis at the level of sentence structure, semantics and morphology, as well as gesture and expression labelling to arrive at standardized descriptions of non-verbal information. All these are provided in natural language descriptions, in any language, according to your specifications.

Data Collection
We provide extraction of raw data from audio, text and images – breaking it down into manageable, actionable insights. Additionally, we can create textual, voice and image data sets for AI training in any subject matter and any language, according to specific customer guidelines.