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For the last 30 years, Manpower Language Solutions (MLS) has been Israel’s leading provider of language and content solutions. Our expert teams provide a wide range of services – from translation, interpreting and localization to content writing and editing. We serve thousands of customers globally in a variety of sectors, including technology industries (IT, emerging technologies, AI, cybersecurity), financial institutions, government ministries, law and enforcement authorities, streaming and media companies, life sciences, biotechnology, and many more. 


We put at your disposal more than 1,400 global linguistic experts in a variety of fields who speak 160 languages. Together we provide translation services from any language to any language regardless of volume and complexity. Our quality translation services ensure that your content is always consistent in any country where you operate.  


We deliver expert localization services, localizing software and applications from any language to any language and target culture. We are proud to be one of the only companies in Israel that provides a one stop shop of localization services, helping companies bring their products to market while bridging cultural gaps.


We write and optimize your content for all your international needs. From marketing and technical authoring, through training and eLearning courseware creation, to videoclip production, our technical departments work closely with global production companies to cater to all your content-related needs.


Whether simultaneous, consecutive or remote interpretation via Zoom, our expert interpreters are assigned to each task based on field of expertise and language specialization. We also provide all the equipment you may need for your meeting, conference, or appointment, including technical support.  


MLS has a global network of connections and years of experience finding language and content experts for any task. Our customers benefit from placement and outsourcing services of language professionals in any model – part or full time, temporary or permanent, inhouse or remotely, paid by the hour, weekly, monthly, or per project. We are flexible and adapt to your needs. 

Our Customers‏


“The language between our companies is fluent and easy to understand.
The same applies to our expectations. We don’t have to explain ourselves over and over again.
But the greatest challenge Manpower Language Solutions had to overcome
was complying with our very tight schedules. When we manage to supply
our deliverables on time, the success is not only ours but theirs too.”

Tal Korin, Director of Content and Localization


“We are very fortunate that MLS are flexible and creative enough to find
the right tone and expression for our target audiences while remaining loyal to
the source texts. The medical field is sensitive and requires a high degree of specialization.
Manpower listens to our needs, understand our industry’s language,
and is our trusted partner in compliant translations.”


“Our MLS project manager is remarkable. Always available, she’s aware of every single detail of our projects and provides
accurate and timely responses whenever we need. Manpower’s professionalism and expertise is one of their
outstanding qualities Their translators and localizers are extremely skilled,
know our needs inside out, are an integral part of our work processes. They provide us with excellent support at all times.”

Karen Silberstein, Localization Manager


  • Pharma and medical

  • Food and beverage

  • TV and media

  • Government sector

  • Software and information systems

  • Mobile and video

  • Education and Publishing

  • Legal

  • High-Tech and digital

  • Tourism

  • Vehicle

  • Financial and banking

  • Advertising and marketing

  • Retail and e-commerce

  • Cleantech

  • AI

Why Work with Us

תרגום לאנגלית- ניסיון של כמעט שלושה עשורים

ותק וניסיון

המאפשרים לנו לזהות ולאפיין את כלל צרכי התוכן של לקוחותינו ולספק להם מענה מדויק ומותאם אישית.

תרגום פיננסי-בגלל ההון האנושי

הון אנושי מנצח

המורכב מנבחרת גלובלית של מתרגמים, כותבים, מתורגמנים, עורכים, מנהלי פרויקטים, אנשי תוכנה, צוותים טכניים וגרפיקאים, הנבחרים בקפידה מבין מיטב המומחים בתחום.

תרגום מסמכים- טכנולוגיה מתקדמת

כלים טכנולוגיים מתקדמים

הכוללים מערכות ניהול וכלי תרגום משוכללים, ומאפשרים לנו להבטיח אחידות, עקביות ויעילות, לצבור זיכרון תרגומי ולהתאים את תהליך העבודה לכל פורמט.

תרגום שיווקי - בגלל איכות התוצרים

תהליכי בקרת איכות

העומדים בתקנים המחמירים ביותר ומבטיחים את הסטנדרט המקצועי הגבוה עמו אנו מזוהים. אנו מוסמכים לתקני האיכות הבינלאומיים ISO 9001, ISO 17100, ISO 13485 ותקן GDPR לאבטחת מידע ושמירה על פרטיות ועומדים בכל הדרישות הרגולטוריות של המדינות השונות.

תרגום לרוסית -פתרון One Stop Shop

עבודה במתכונת One Stop Shop

המאפשרת לנו לספק מענה כולל ומקיף לכל צרכי התוכן והשפה של כל לקוח, הן באמצעות המחלקות המקצועיות שלנו, והן בזכות שיתופי הפעולה המקצועיים שלנו עם מיטב המומחים ואנשי המקצוע בעולם.

תרגום אתרים- בגלל הזמינות

זמינות מלאה

לביצוע משימות בכל שפה, היקף ורמת מורכבות, תוך התחייבות ל-On Time Delivery.

Our Team

Our human capital is our greatest asset. It is thanks to our dedicated professionals that we build long-lasting relationships with our customers, providing them with services personalized to their specific needs. From senior management to each of our expert linguists we all work in unison to produce the best quality language and content products that will drive your business’ success.

Manpower Language Solutions

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